D'Mos Antibacterial Body Wash Lavender 500ml

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D'Mos Antibacterial Body Wash Lavender 500ml


Gentle and mild body wash with essential antibacterial properties leaving the skin clean, fresh and energized. It is alcohol-free, soap-free and also paraben-free making it a safe and gentle choice for you and your loved ones.

Lavender scent can help reduce body odour. 

  • Protection against harmful germs.
  • Anti-bacterial.
  • Refreshing feeling.   

    • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds – Strong antimicrobial agent by killing microorganisms and inhibiting their future growth. It is a cationic surfactant, which shows an affinity for bacteria and exhibits antibacterial efficacy. It is believed that they interfere with the function of the cell membrane, resulting in leakage of cell components and eventually lysis, or destruction of the bacterial cell.


    • SLES – A very effective foaming and cleansing agent.     



    Directions of use:

    1. Apply on a sponge and then lather in a circular motion all over the body.

    2. Rinse off with warm water.


    Storage: This body wash must be kept in a cool place, away from excessive heat and direct sunlight.



    - For external use only.

    - Avoid contact with eyes.

    - In the event of contact with eyes, wash with copious amount of water.

    D'Mos Antibacterial Body Wash Lavender 500ml