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Your friendly, neighbourhood lifestyle shop for all your personal care, wellness and home needs.  

We are Meeco. We believe that well-crafted products and fragrances can uplift you instantly, invoking happy memories while enveloping you with peace and comfort. From lush scents to indulgent personal care products, we meticulously curate premium quality products that celebrate you and your moments that matter while melting your worries away.

Inspirational& Practical with a Dash of Indulgence

We love all things comforting, indulgent and fun, and are passionate about bringing lifestyle shopping back to carefree days when things were simpler. We’re your friendly neighbourhood store, here to listen to what you want while sharing tips and tricks ranging from personal care to caring for your household. Dive in and discover our delightful range of curated goodies and treats that will pamper you and your loved ones.


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