6 Key Benefits of Soap Bar Over Shower Gel

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6 Key Benefits of Soap Bar Over Shower Gel

In the last year, the soap bar has staged a major comeback in households throughout the world. Soap bars are now positioned as affordable luxury items and have been popping up all over in the marketplace and retail stores.


This begs the question: How could the lowly soap bar be elevated to such status? Well, take a minute to discover the following 6 Key Benefits of Soap Bar and you might consider getting a soap bar.


1. No preservatives

Soap bars do not require preservatives to stay fresh, safe, and effective. Liquid soap, hand wash, body wash (and all personal care products that contain water) must be formulated with preservatives to ensure that the water does not go stale. Of course, only some preservatives are harmful, but if you have choice, why not avoid all preservatives? Especially since in this case, the preservatives are applied directly to your skin, which is a delicate organ in itself.


2. Made from natural, plant-based essential oils and butters

Quality soap bars are made with natural luxury ingredients including shea butter and various plant-based essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, etc. Liquid soap and body wash are usually chemical detergents in disguise, the foam and bubbles are produced by surfactants (these are petroleum by-products). This in turn dries your skin and disrupts the natural balance of the skin’s protective as well as pH properties.


3. Well hydrated skin

Soap bars contain naturally occurring glycerin, a humectant that attracts and retains moisture. Using soap bars regularly will improve your skin’s hydration, leaving it soft, supple and fresh all day long. 


4. You are not paying for water

The main ingredient for liquid soap and body wash is water, while the main ingredients for a solid bar of soap are the skin-nourishing oils and butters. Properly cured soap has almost no water in it; this means you are getting exactly what you pay for.


5. It lasts a long time

Generally, soap bars are left to dry between uses; as a result, a bar of quality natural soap will last a long time – easily 2 -3 months. Yes, for the price of a couple of lattes or bubble teas, your skin is pampered with love, every single day, for 2 -3 months. That’s amazing value for money.


6. Go Green with no empty bottles

All liquid soap and body wash comes in plastic bottles that will be recycled into another plastic bottle. We know that Refusing is more eco-friendly compared to Recycling; using soap bars will remove the need for another plastic bottle on Earth.