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Is soap bar safe to be used during this Covid-19 pandemic?

As all of us want to prevent being infected with the coronavirus, we have been adopting effective personal hygiene habits including wearing masks and washing our clothes properly. We are also regularly washing our hands with soap and water (or using hand sanitizer) to kill of the Covid-19 virus.   Most of us are comfortable using liquid soap during this pandemic; it allows each user to pump out their desired portion. But what about soap bar? Is it safe to be used during this pandemic?   The answer is, Yes! The soap bar is very effective against viruses, bacteria and germs. Since last year, more people are using soap bar, as it’s more sustainable, easier to find and usually cheaper than liquid soap. On top of that, the soap bar does not contain any parabens, sulfates, synthetic colours and triclosan. No animal testing is done in the manufacturing of soap bars as well.