Importance of Regular Personal Hygiene

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Importance of Regular Personal Hygiene

Washing hands and bathing regularly is an important part of cleanliness and hygiene routine. Majority of the communal diseases, including that of the latest outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus, spread through touching infected hands on face and other body parts. In the past diseases like swine flu have also spread through touch and droplets. We are living very busy lives today, and in the globalised world, viruses and bacteria spread rapidly.


Doctors always recommend washing hands using a hand wash after using restrooms and before eating a meal. In earlier times, soap and water were used for washing of hands, but it is proven that use of hand wash with antibacterial properties helps to kill the germs, bacteria and viruses that can result in illness. For example, COVID-19 is an enveloped virus, which means that the RNA (nucleic acid – the viral genetic material) is coated in a lipid (fatty) layer. Antibacterial hand and body wash is able to dissolve this lipid layer, causing the virus to fall apart. This stops it from binding to our cells, effectively killing it.


Now if you step out to buy a hand or body wash, there will be numerous brands claiming various antibacterial properties. Still, the majority of those contains harmful chemicals like SLS, triclosan that can result in skin irritation and deplete your skin of natural moisture, making it dry and flaky. If you have sensitive skin, frequent use of these types of hand washes can also result in redness and disturb the pH balance of your skin or result in allergies. In addition, these hand washes are made from processing petrochemicals and contain parabens that are harmful to your skin.


Antibacterial hand and body washes, whether used by consumers in the home or medical personnel in the hospital, reduces or eliminates bacteria, germs and viruses that can lead to skin infections, intestinal illnesses or other commonly transmitted diseases.


Moreover, these products are essential for individuals who are in close physical contact with people at high risk for infection, such as the elderly cared for in retirement facilities or the immuno-suppressed as well as individuals who are in contact with people infected with an organism likely to be transmitted by direct contact, such as diarrhea, upper respiratory infections and skin infections. Antibacterial hand and body washes is also useful for individuals who are in settings in which infectious disease transmission is likely, such as in food preparation, chronic-care residences, prisons, child-care centers and preschools.


If you are looking for affordable, good quality antibacterial hand wash, you can check out D’Mos Antibacterial Apple Hand Wash that is specially formulated to cleanse and protect your hands from germs, bacteria and viruses. D’Mos Antibacterial Apple Hand Wash contains antioxidants derived from apples which prevent cell and tissue damage; apples also have abundant amounts of elastin and collagen that will keep your hand supple and soft all day long.


You can also check out D’Mos Antibacterial Green Tea Body Wash  that will cleanse and protects your skin, leaving it with a refreshed, clean and healthy every day. Studies have shown that green tea reduces the amount of oil that your skin produces. The tannins within green tea can also shrink pores and lessen wrinkles while making your skin brighter and younger.