Benefits of Regular Disinfection

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Benefits of Regular Disinfection

Personal hygiene and regular housecleaning are essential to good health. Frequent handwashing is key to preventing the spread of microorganisms (also known as microbes or germs) that cause many common illnesses. Meanwhile, regular cleaning of surfaces in the home removes dirt and food particles on which germs and bacteria can grow.


Why Is It Important to Kill Germs?

Germs are most often spread by hands through person-to-person contact. Germs can enter our bodies through the mouth, nose, eyes and breaks in the skin without our even knowing we've been infected. Germs can be transferred from inanimate surfaces to hands and vice-versa. Some germs can live on dry surfaces (such as toys) for several hours and moist surfaces (like bathroom sinks) for up to 3 days. Meanwhile, nasty germs like salmonella can survive freezing and can survive on dry surfaces for at least 24 hours.


In the United States, an estimated 60 million days of school and 50 million days of work are lost annually because of the common cold while 5.5 million visits to doctors' offices each year are due to skin infections.


Regular cleaning products do a good job of removing soil, but only antibacterial effectively kill the germs that can cause many illnesses. Surfaces like kitchen and bathroom counters, door knobs, toilet seats and children's toys may be contaminated with bacteria even when they're not visibly soiled. On top of that, germs can be spread to other surfaces on dirty cleaning cloths and sponges. Did you know that the average kitchen dishcloth can contain 4 billion living germs?


Disinfectants contain antimicrobial ingredients that kills germs and bacteria on various surfaces including salmonella and E. coli, which cause intestinal illness, staphylococcus (which causes skin infections), fungus that causes athlete's foot, as well as viruses such as Herpes simplex, Rhinovirus (the leading cause of the common cold); and Rotavirus (the major cause of diarrhea in young children).


D'mos Alcohol Free Disinfectant Spray is an antibacterial surface cleaner which helps to prevent germs, bacteria and viruses from spreading. With regular daily use, it kills 99% of harmful bacteria, germs and viruses. It is suitable for both hard and soft surfaces as well as safe for use on surfaces that are sensitive to alcohol.